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Who are we?

Bursa Social Sciences High School’s Model United Nations Subcommittee (officially known as MUNSO) is an official student subcommittee responsible for administration and organization of Model-UN related activities within our school. MUNSO Subcommittee has actively been operating under Bursa Social Sciences High School ever since its foundation in 2018.


There are 5 committees in our conference of varying difficulties, which are: ECOSOC, WHO, UNSC, NATO, and our very special committee the Russian Federation Summit. We hope to provide you a great conference within these committees.

rules and procedure

You can find detailed information about the rules and procedures of our conference by clicking "read more"


Project Content

By defining some of the topics in the United Nations program, students are allowed to negotiate these issues and reach a solution, providing that they take into account the policy of the country they represent, using the United Nations procedure and official colloquial language. In this study, where participation is documented and active participation is rewarded, participating students are expected to use and develop the language or languages identified within the conference in real-life conditions.

Project Rationale

Currently, it has been found that students cannot achieve enough success only with classroom applications, and it has been understood that learning by living is necessary for permanent learning. Considering the principles of teaching , which are a subject within the scope of Educational Psychology, the principles such as life ( proximity to life), Effective Participation, sociability, integrity, timeliness stand out. Model United Nations Conferences are organizations that cover all of these principles and allow students to learn about political, social, environmental and economic issues around the world using predetermined foreign languages.

General Purpose of the Conference

The students discuss the agenda that has been determined by our school within the framework of the vision of the country they represent by following the United Nations procedure and using the language of the committee. Delegates are meant to produce the committee issue, have this solution accepted by the committee or write a solution paper.

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Letter from the Secretary-General:

Dear participants, It is an honour to have the privilege to welcome you all to our dearly beloved Bursa Social Sciences High School MUN. We hope to provide you a hospitable stay at our conference in Bursa Technical University grounds. I believe it is of courtesy that I introduce myself. My name is Burak Göze. I started my high school education in Bursa Social Sciences High School in 2018 and right away was sucked into the circle of MUN. With the help of our more experienced peers, I had the chance to build upon that, and now can confidently face you alongside my dear friends and colleagues as an experienced MUNer myself. In the troublesome days of a ravaging pandemic, us and our school has come to recognize the importance of providing the right theatre to overcome these sombre filled times. We see the disruption and destruction that this pandemic has brought on MUNs. We failed to even give our goodbyes to many of our peers who participated in these events previously. We had to deal with online conferences, the husk of what MUNs are and should represent. We hoped and begged for MUNs to realize, we blundered when many of them were just cancelled in their infancy. I, personally, believe many of our delegates can share such sentiments. We, together, worked hard for this conference to be materialized so the longing for MUNs can be finally quelled. I hope that we have fulfilled our roles and can serve you a gratifying conference experience.